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Dr. Bonnie Berger & Judith

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Dr. Bonnie Berger & Judith


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"What a fabulous healing team Dr. Bonnie and Judith make! They helped my body heal from a serious back injury that was affecting my work. I highly recommend this clinic."

Elizabeth B. on Yelp


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Reduce pain

Whether it’s an uncomfortable tightness in your lower back, or the proverbial pain in your neck, we can help by applying the right mix of chiropractic adjustment, stretching, and other advanced techniques.


Relieve headaches

Most headaches originate in the neck as a result of muscles contracting, causing tension on the spinal nerves. By performing a chiropractic alignment to the vertebrae, we can help relieve that tension.


Injury recovery

Did you slip? Pull a muscle? Have a car accident? If you're now in pain, it's likely your strained muscles are pulling your sensitive spine out of alignment. By applying a mix of chiropractic care, we can help get you realigned.

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